Hazeldenes Premium Free Range Chicken

Fresh every week from the Hazeldene family farm in Victoria Australia, a full range of super fresh Free Range Chicken

Voodoo Bacon

Premium Australian Pork bacon made using traditional Southern Mississippi styles and Applewood smoked & dry aged.

Cherry Tree Organics - Beef, Lamb & Pork

Pure biodynamic pasture and highest grade genetics for the last 30 years has produced Australia's finest Beef, Lamb & Pork. Well done Shane and Ann Blundy, from their family farm, ‘Cherry Tree Downs’, in the Gippsland region of Australia (Southern Victoria).

Grass Fed Pure Blood Wagyu

Australia's finest grass fed Wagyu from Tasmania

A Selection of our Exclusive Products

Utopia Products Asia

growsFresh Beef, Lamb, Chicken

The growsFresh team is now sourcing the finest grade Beef, Lamb, & Chicken directly from the finest farming families across Australia and New Zealand. 

Copper River Salmon - Alaska USA

The World's finest wild salmon from Alaska. Only after meticulous sustainability thresholds are achieved are we allowed to fish for this amazing salmon. 

Bangalow Pork

Australian Co-operative group of small farm holdings producing Australia's premium pork products

Great Southern Lamb

Australia's only MSA Graded Lamb. The finest premium lamb eating experience every time.